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Steele as he appears in Balto.
Species Sled dog (exact breed unknown)
Portrayed by Jim Cummings
Gender Male
Nicknames "Boss" (by Nikki)
"Glory Hound" (by Jenna)
Appearances Balto
Family Unknown

Touch that box, and I'll tear you apart.

Steele is a character who appears in Balto. He is the film's antagonist character. He is voiced by Jim Cummings.


Physical appearance

Steele is a bulky, muscular, and large sled dog. He has sleek black fur with a white undercoat that extends up to his face, where the black cuts in. He often has a proud and haughty sneer on his face, or a malicious growl, but he is also apparently attractive to some female dogs, likely because he has a large build with strong muscles from many sled races.

Many fans speculate that Steele is an Alaskan Malamute (likely due to his large appearance), however, his exact breed has never been confirmed.


I'm afraid the only way Steele notices anyone is if they're wearing a mirror.

Steele is a very arrogant dog, whom delights in glory and triumph. He is also jealous and angry, which fuels most of his actions that prevent him from making the right choice. One such example was when Steele snapped at a member of a rival dog team, thus causing the opposing team to be knocked down. Steele also displayed affection for Jenna, though he tried to woo her in an arrogant manner unlike Balto's innocent approaches. Steele is malicious and prideful, as he loves the glory his work brings him. When he knows he is wrong, like any bully, he attempts to act like he is sure of himself.


In Balto

Steele and his gang teasing Balto.

At the beginning of Balto, Steele was running in a sled dog race, winning using malicious tactics, such as biting at his opponents. At the finish line, he gloried in the attention the win brought him, but grew contempt for Balto when he proved faster than him by saving Rosy's hat. Steele tried to seduce Jenna, Nome's prettiest dog, but when she repulsed his affection, he mocked her about liking Balto. Later, he found Balto in an alley, laughed at him for being part wolf and bullied him with his gang, who proved to secretly dislike him.

The sled dog later spied on Balto and Jenna in the boiler room, where he again tried to sweet-talk Jenna, but she tricked him into getting burnt. After stealing meat from the local butcher, he blamed the theft on Balto. Later, when an epidemic of diphtheria broke out, he denied choosing Balto for the team, even though he was clearly the fastest, instead making Balto appear savage by hurting him.

Steele lies to Jenna and the other dogs.

Steele and his team leave Nome, picking up the antitoxin at Nenana. On their way back through the storm, the team became lost, but in his prideful manner, Steele refused to admit it. This eventually caused the team to crash into the snow, hurting their musher and stranding their team.

When Balto came to take rescue the team and bring back the medicine, Steele refused to hand over the medicine or even let Balto get close to the crate. He would not let Balto take the glory from his assigned task, and in his attemp to fight Balto, he ended up grabbing Jenna's bandanna in his jaw and falling off a cliff. He managed to climb up the cliff just as Balto and the others were leaving, then decided to throw the team off the trail so they couldn't get back to Nome by marking fake paths. This confused Balto for some time, but meanwhile Steele had made his way back to Nome, where he lied to Jenna and the other dogs about what had happened and his part in everything. The glory hound next tried to convince Jenna that it was Balto's will that he take care of her, but she saw through his lies and left. The other dogs, however, bought his story until Balto returned alive, proving that Steele had been lying.

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