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Kodiak ("Kodi") as he appears in Wings of Change
Species Wolfdogwolf, ¾ husky)
Portrayed by Sean Astin
Gender Male
Nicknames "Kodi"
Appearances Balto III: Wings of Change
Family Balto (father), Jenna (mother), Aniu (grandmother), Aleu (sister), Saba (sister), Dingo (brother), two unnamed siblings

Kodiak, more commonly known as Kodi, is the son of Balto and Jenna, and is a main character in Balto III: Wings of Change. He is voiced by Sean Astin.



Physical appearance


Kodi has a strong sense of duty and responsibility and fiercely loyal to his friends.


In Balto II: Wolf Quest

Kodi was one of the few pups in Balto and Jenna's litter, however he was the physically the weakest of the litter but Balto helped him with this problem by racing him on the beach of Nome. He was then adopted by one of the children in Nome.

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