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Jenna as she appeared in Balto.
Species Husky
Portrayed by Bridget Fonda (I)
Jodi Benson (II and III)
Gender Female
Nicknames Jenn (by Rosy)
Appearances Balto
Balto II: Wolf Quest
Balto III: Wings of Change
Family Unknown parents, Balto (mate), Aleu (daughter), Kodi (son), Saba (daughter), Dingo (son), two unnamed children

Gee, Steele, I have to admit, your offer is very tempting… But these days I prefer my meat… cooked.

Jenna is a husky that appeared in Balto and its sequels Wolf Quest and Wings of Change. She is voiced by Bridget Fonda and Jodi Benson.


Physical appearance

Jenna is a purebred husky with a red and white coat. She has thick fur around her neck and a thick tail, which emphasize her skinny physique. She has a thin muzzle and golden eyes. Jenna wears a red bandanna around her neck.

Jenna's appearance changed slightly in Wolf Quest, where she was shown to be a little less thin.


Jenna has a very kind and polite personality. All the male dogs in Nome like Jenna because of this. She can be protective and even snappy at times however, as seen when Steele was picking on Balto for being part-wolf. She is also very brave, coming after Balto and attacking the grizzly bear.

In Wolf Quest when she became a mother, Jenna was seen crying when her and Balto's puppies were being given away. She was very worried about Aleu when she had run away.


In Balto

Jenna lights the way for Balto.

In the beginning of the first film, Jenna appears to have a crush on Balto. They encountered each other several times, but were torn apart by Steele, who was attempting to devilishly woo Jenna. She shows consistent distaste in Steele, but seems to enjoy Balto's company.

When a case of diphtheria hits the small Alaskan town of Nome, Jenna's owner, Rosy, becomes very ill. Balto leaves to help the dog team bring the antitoxin back home. Jenna picks up his trail, and joins the adventure for as long as she can muster. When she becomes injured, however, and returns to Nome with Boris, Muk and Luk. Jenna can only wait and watch the horizon for Balto's return.

Jenna decides to illuminate a few broken bottles to help Balto find his way home, a trick that he showed her just after Rosy became ill. One night, she hears a wolf howl in the distance and knows its him. Sure enough, the team returns home with plenty of antitoxin to save the children of the town.

In Balto II: Wolf Quest

In Wolf Quest, Balto and Jenna have a litter of six puppies Jenna is a caring mother to her children, and is shown crying when the pups are given away. All of the pups find homes except for Aleu, who grows up in Balto's care. Aleu find out that she is part wolf, and runs away. This causes Jenna to worry. Balto goes off to find Aleu, and though Jenna is insistent on coming with him, Boris tells her to stay home and wait. This is the last we see of Jenna in this film.

Jenna's personality and appearance have changed slightly in this film. She is no longer rebellious, but her gentle nature remains and her face is a little less thin. Despite being a major character in Balto, Jenna has a significantly smaller role in Wolf Quest.

In Balto III: Wings of Change

Jenna tells Kodi how proud Balto was of him in Wings of Change.

Jenna played another small role in Wings of Change. At the beginning of the film, she is up on a mountaintop with Balto, waiting for the bush plane to fly over. When it does, Jenna states that it's "louder than a wild-eyed grizzly". Later, just before the race between the sled team and the plane, Balto comes up to Jenna, and tells her that he's worried about what their son, Kodi, will think of him if they don't win. Jenna reassures Balto by singing "You Don't Have to be a Hero".

Jenna is later seen with Mel and Dipsy waiting for the return of the sled team and the bush plane. When she sees Balto, she races towards him, and the team, Jenna, Mel and Dipsy all cross the line together. Balto begins to worry about Duke, and when Muk and Luk come up to Balto and tell him that they were attacked by a monster that was "louder than a wild-eyed grizzly", Balto and Jenna both instantly know that the bush plane had crashed.

When Balto sets off to rescue Duke and Kodi chooses not to go with him, Jenna becomes very disappointed in Kodi. Upon their return, Jenna sees Kodi and the other mail dogs with Balto. She tells him later that Balto was so proud of him.

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